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Creating a Website that Matches Your Audience

If your website is not a match for your audience then it just won’t work and achieve success online. Even with the best functionality, design and content, if it doesn’t speak to your target audience, match their expectations then all that time, effort and money will be wasted.

Matching your website to your audience really isn’t that complex; you just need to follow three important steps:

1. Identify your target audience

Determine exactly who your target audience is but go beyond simple demographics such as age, geographical location, language and gender. Explore deeper and find out how they make purchasing decisions, how they talk, what they engage with, how they browse the Internet and use websites.

2. Tailor your interface to suit

Now you know your audience and what they want, ensure that you deliver it to them in your website design. Your interface aspects such as typography, navigation, CTAs, fonts, imagery all need to work together, be in line with your audience’s expectations and their requirements.

For example:

If your target audience is Gen Z or just fairly tech savvy people you might design your interface to include the following elements:

1. An on-trend, slightly more complex navigation
2. Gifs, videos and animations
3. Less text and more white space
4. On-trend layouts, typography and fonts
5. More daring colour choices

Alternatively, if your target audience is Baby Boomers or an older audience, your website should probably employ simple navigation, less gifs, videos and animations (use still images instead), more text and more traditional colour choices (greens and blues), easy to read fonts, larger sized text and simple layouts.

3. Don’t let yourself or your audience down

Let your branding specialist/website designer to guide the design process for your website; they are skilled at matching audience and design and they know the latest website design trends. Don’t self-sabotage your business’ website by demanding elements that you like. Your website must be designed and developed with your target audience in mind, not your personal preferences.

For more information on matching website designs and your audience contact the brand agency Liquid Creativity team, your local branding specialist, today.


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