7 Effective customer nurturing strategies for businesses

Learning the fundamentals of nurturing a plant is easy – it needs water, fertiliser, sunlight and adequate drainage. Learning how to nurture customers is quite a bit more complicated but with a strategy it is possible to achieve and even have it become part of the everyday business operations and culture.

Listen and respond to individual behaviours in real time

Your customers must feel that any questions or concerns are important to you and will be dealt with in a timely manner. Your strategy must include monitoring of emails, live chat messages and social media platforms as applicable.

Communicate with customer both online and offline

Nurtured customers are those that feel that both their online and in-store interactions are valued. Ensure that your customer service and customer experience processes take both into consideration.

Set limits

No one likes to be bombarded with communications; it diminishes the message and its effectiveness. Limit the number of emails to add value to the customer experience, not detract from it.

Nurtured customers make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured customers

– The Annuitas Group

Determine what content to send and when

Again, your content needs to add value, address relevant concerns so determine what is the right content to send out to customers and when is the best time to do so.

Build relationships over the entire customer journey

There’s no point to only support customers during the buying step and at no other point in the customer journey; they will not feel nurtured. Design and implement a strategy that supports customers at all points of the sales funnel, from discovery to purchase and follow up.

Have solutions that are easy to implement

Your business and its customer nurturing strategy should not be difficult to implement and/or reliant on your IT specialist. Ensure that customer nurturing solutions are easily implemented, managed and adjusted at a ground roots level within the business.

Measure the engagement

As with all marketing and business strategies, your customer nurturing strategy must be designed with measurement in mind; to ensure it is working as well as to identify any shortcomings and opportunities for betterment.

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