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Branding: Why is Good Branding Great for your Business?

Branding is fundamental to creating great customer experiences. It helps customers relate to your business, understand the benefits of what you offer and encourages them to gravitate towards your products, services and business.

If you are questioning your brand and whether it’s communicating effectively to the right audience, let us help you understand why it is crucial to get your branding right in today’s market.

liquid brand design agency branding loyalty and authenticity

Krochet Kids has built a brand around the values they stand for and tailored the way they produce and conduct their business around these ideals, attracting a loyal customer base.

1. A good brand creates authenticity and loyalty

Branding helps customers relate more to your business, understand the benefits of what you offer and helps them gravitate towards the substance of your products, services, brands and business. Branding helps customers identify your business as a trustworthy, reliable company, encourages engagement and can create brand ambassadors.

customer service is crucial for brands and business tin today's market. Liquid branding agency melbourne

2. It delivers memorable experiences

Customers don’t want to just buy a product or service, they want to buy an authentic and genuine experience, something they can trust, make them feel good, tell a story around and also recommend.

As the Harvard Business Review found, brands that ‘skilfully manage the entire experience reap enormous rewards, enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced churn, increased revenue and greater employee satisfaction’. Organisations that truly deliver in terms of the customer experience will succeed in the long term.

the school of life branding builds great perceptions liquid brand agency melbourne

The School of Life has developed an approachable brand for the conventionally serious and academic subject of philosophy. This colourful and friendly branding is used on all School of Life touchpoints.

3. Branding builds great perceptions

Your brand is represented at every touchpoint of your business and as existing and potential customers interact with a brand, they form a perception of what the company stands for, how they do business, whether they are attentive, knowledgeable, trustworthy, do they add value, do they meet expectations, do they over deliver?

These perceptions come from the company website, staff interactions, information available, messages, consistency, how easy it is to find what you want. Every interaction and process by a customer helps create a good or bad perception of a brand.

strategy for business branding_agency melbourne customer

4. Drives business results

Once a company gets all the branding touchpoints working together effectively it can build its image and identity into something truly influential beyond your physical assets. Think about the big brands that are ubiquitous in every day life, their brand value has made their physical values even more powerful and memorable now because of the way they’ve branded themselves and how they’ve position themselves to target the right audience.

5. Make your business into a great brand

If your business gets all these things right, you will see much more engaged customers who feel a connection with your products or services, and want to have an ongoing relationship with you. Your business will stand out among your target audience and industry as being worth more from the experiences you’ve given them and consolidate the value your business brings to their lives. That’s when you know you’ve made your business into a brand.

If you want some help with branding your business, get in touch with the branding agency Liquid Creativity team, and let’s make your brand even better.