Positioning Strategy

A positioning strategy is the process of working out your competitive business advantage to take to market. It’s an essential aspect of your marketing plan to ensure your customers perceive your brand in the same way you want them to.

In order to work out where you should be positioned in the market, your business needs to determine what makes you different from your competitors. Whether it’s pricing, product attributes, benefits or the quality and delivery of service, it’s essential to pinpoint your brand’s unique quality.

An effective positioning strategy ensures you create the perception you want your brand to portray. For example, how do car brands position themselves? It could be through price, luxury, safety, style or technology. Volvo is positioned as the family automobile that offers maximum safety.

With your positioning strategy, you not only set your business apart, but you establish your place at the forefront of customer’s minds. It’s crucial to have a clear positioning strategy before you begin marketing your brand.