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BRANDING   |   POSTED ON 22.05.2012

A Brand Identity that Takes Boring Out of Consulting

PoliticsDirect has been rebranded. As a result the public affairs consulting service (now called Brevia Consulting) sports a clean, no-nonsense identity, and a set of unique icons drawn by illustrator Chris Gray.


The identity (website screengrab, above) follows a branding review that took place over a five month period. Figtree’s research found that PoliticsDirect had a name that no longer clearly defined what it actually did, but that it had a reputation for being “straight-talking, considered, quick and precise.” It’s this insight that informed the change of name to Brevia Consulting, and which also informed the straight-forward, black and white graphic approach to the brand identity.



“We wanted to create a set of icons that felt intelligent, sophisticated and ownable,” says Figtree’s Melanie Townsend of the 20 icons created specially for Brevia’s new identity system. “There are lots of icons out there and we wanted to try our best to make them look different. Our approach was to try and put a certain level of detail in them using keylines, though we had to ensure they would work at small scale as well as larger.”



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