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BRANDING   |   POSTED ON 11.03.2015

Defining Your Brand Personality

Defining your brand and its personality can be tricky but the best way to approach it is to not overthink the process. Envision where you want your brand to be even if you’re not quite there yet.

Use the Brand Personality Spectrum below as a guide to help you determine the personality of your brand.

  • Personable and Friendly
  • Corporate, Professional
  • Spontaneous, High Energy
  • Careful thinking, Planning
  • Modern/High Tech
  • Classic and Traditional
  • Cutting Edge
  • Established
  • Fun
  • Serious
  • Accessible to all
  • Upmarket / Boutique

How did you go?

If most of your choices are towards the left – your brand is energetic, fast-moving, contemporary. Your brand doesn’t mind taking risks and moving quickly. You communicate in an approachable and friendly manner.

If most of your choices are towards the right – your brand relies on established practices, solid and careful planning and a traditional approach. You may be targeting a more boutique/upscale client with a professional, measured communication style.

What if my choices are both left AND right or all in the middle?

Unfortunately if your brand personality is right in the middle it’s the most difficult place to be – your brand runs the risk of being easily forgettable because it doesn’t really stand for anything. Talk to a branding specialist for some objectivity and advice on how to clearly define your corporate brand personality.

Left and right isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it can actually be a good thing. It means your brand is difficult to fit in a box! This provides an opportunity to create a brand offering that combines different aspects such as a traditional colour palette with modern, striking typography. Beware of being too confusing though – if in doubt – talk to your brand specialist.

Why is defining your Brand Personality so important?

Simply – knowledge is power and knowing your brand personality traits ensures you can apply this knowledge (this power) to your communications – written, verbal and visual. Your brand personality will lead your choices in content, key messages, tone of voice, typography, colour schemes and so much more.

For example – a traditional and established brand personality would be best served using classic typefaces, a colour palette of conservative, rich hues, and formal/corporate communication styles.

Conversely, a high energy, modern brand personality can benefit from modern/bold typefaces, vivid and trendy colour palettes and a approachable and friendly tone to their copy.

No single brand personality is better than the other! The important point is to define your particular brand personality and use that knowledge in your branding strategies, communications and marketing efforts. Consistency will ensure that everything looks and sounds like it’s coming from the same source every time. Keeping your brand personality front of mine will aid in your decision making and allow you to express your brand visually and verbally, on target.

If you need assistance to define your brand personality or to use your determined brand personality to create a branding strategy, contact branding agency Liquid Creativity team today.


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