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BRANDING   |   POSTED ON 14.01.2015

Offering a Consistent Approach to Branding

There’s so much more to branding in today’s market than even just a generation ago. Gone are the days when a logo outside your place of business, a logo on your letterhead and on your business cards is all you need. And this is where branding has become all the more critical but all the more exciting too.

In the past, only large, often multinational, companies with internal marketing departments or extremely large budgets to engage external branding specialists could afford to implement branding strategies that stretched beyond the above mentioned logos and into other, wider reaching mediums.

Today, spreading your branding further is possible, affordable but also increasingly necessary. With the emergence of the Internet, social media, and online advertising, branding extension has become readily available to more businesses, including your competitors. This is why you must take your branding seriously, even if you are just starting out.

Extending your branding to websites, social media platforms, digital marketing, online advertising and the like means there is an increased obligation on your brand to do its job – to inform, entertain, inspire, educate, engage, connect, convert – and it can get a head start on this with a strategy focused on just one word – consistency.

Your brand is all designed and created around the story of you, your business, your ethos, culture, products, services, what you stand for and where you want to be. Therefore, it is paramount that this story your brand is telling is one and the same – across any and all media. Promotional material, business cards, website logos – everything must be consistent.

Why is branding consistency so important?

Recognition! While the worldwide recognition of Coke Cola, McDonalds or Facebook may be beyond the realms of your business, recognition with your industry, area of expertise, audience and/or geographic location is possible with a branding strategy that is consistent, relevant and engaging.

Over time, as your audience and target market are exposed to the consistent brand offering through various mediums, the recognition (and the trust) will grow and, in turn, spread as your brand ambassadors continue to promote your brand on your behalf. The consistency of the branding will help people to find you, define you and understand the products and service you provide. Your brand will come to stand for your business and its level of products, services and even customer service with words.

Aesop is a great example of creating consistency of message and design to build a sophisticated and timeless brand.

Whether you have been in business for a while or are just starting out, local brand agency Liquid Creativity can help you to create and implement a branding strategy that best represents you, in a consistent manner.






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