branding evolution lynx liquid creativity agency

A look at how Lynx's brand positioning strategy evolved

Lynx as a brand has had a dramatic change of their brand positioning in the last decade, we examine the evolution of the Lynx brand and how they've found the right positioning strategy that hits the right notes.
Solar energy

Nivea shines with solar energy advertising

Nivea put out a solar energy advertising campaign in a Brazilian magazine and decked it out with solar panels and a USB charging port so that consumers could plug their phone into.
Mac Smartphone Interactivity

Happy meals, happy tables... happy parents?

Dating back to 2010, McDonald's have been the leading fast food chain to use smartphone interactivity to enhance their guests experiences.
Farmers seconds of smart

Farmers Insurance rebrands to fit a new era

Established in 1928, Farmers Insurance Group is one of the leading insurer groups of vehicles, homes, and small businesses in the United States...
Dove Sketches

This Dove ad is a real beauty

Dove Real Beauty Sketches was a great ad born from market research suggesting that only 4% of women described themselves as beautiful.
Milka product

Spreading the word based on product creativity

To communicate the brand message "Dare to be tender", Milka changed the entire manufacturing process, in a brilliant...
Ksmart Campaign

Seen that funny campaign by Kmart?

After 6 years of declining sales and more than 80 stores shutting down in 2012, Kmart (US) decided to fight back with a viral and well-played funny campaign.
Kate Spade

A digital strategy to merge two worlds

Kate Spade Saturday recently partnered up with eBay in a digital strategy to transform retail, mixing online shopping and traditional retail.

A rebranding process to fight the Amazonians

Bookworld, owned by Pearson Australia Group, is an online book, music, and video retailer with over half a million existing customers and a focus...

Heineken's roulette is sending you to...

The marketing campaign was aired on YouTube, using digital visualisation to drive customer engagement and share the experience of ‘anything is possible’.
Samsung video

The Smart Phone Line was a smart move

Seeing Apple fans lining up to buy a new product is business as usual and it was also the inspiration for a... Samsung marketing campaign!
Yellow Pages Video Frame

YP rebrands and is now a service brand for 'doers'

In an age when search pretty much equates to Google, YP (formerly Yellow Pages) wants to survive by expressing...