Color can influence purchasing decision

BRANDING   |   POSTED ON 07.11.2011

How Colour Can Influence our Purchasing Decisions

There are many reasons why people purchase certain brands, but the visual appearance plays a very important role in the decision process. Colour and design affects a persons decision to buy on an emotive level. These visual cues are very powerful.

The below image depicts a range of colours and how they affect people on an emotional level. This was based on a study in North America but would have very similar results in Australia.

How do you want your company to be seen; as youthful, secure, powerful or feminine? This will determine the colours you use for your branding and marketing material. Effective brands have a dominant, recognisable colour and sometimes secondary colours which are used less often. All the colours however need to support the overall brand personality and essence of the business.

Colour increases brand recognition by 80%. A business needs to be strongly branded with a dominant colour which is used consistently throughout all their marketing and communication collateral.

85% of people place colour as one of the main reasons why they purchase a particular product.

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