brand change in business

Creating a case for changing your brand

Many businesses find difficulty in implementing changes to their branding. Here's why you shouldn't wait until you lose your market share.
branding tips

Is my brand okay?

Some businesses find branding intimidating, we take a look at a recent case study and guide you through how to determine if your brand needs help.

Your business needs a brand visual language

Businesses can no longer rely on a simple style guide to maximise their brand's power, a brand visual language ensures all you are sending the right messages across all your visuals.
good design branding is good business

Why good design is crucial for your business bottom line

Staying ahead of competitors, disrupted industries and a crowded marketplace has made good design crucial to adding value and improving your business.

The Nutfusion Journey to finding their brand

Sometimes a journey begins in the most inconspicuous of places. About 3 years ago Liquid Creativity came across a premium food producer...

The basics of Logo Design to begin your branding journey

While just one aspect of your brand, your logo is often the first impression potential clients have of your business...

8 tips for Design in Business

Implementing design into your business is more than just a logo, letterhead and business cards – it can provide added value to all aspects of your business.

A rebranding process to move beyond the send

YouSendIt is a cloud storage service established back in 2004 with 43 million registered users. After being renamed...

A clean packaging design to conquer US market

English ice cream brand Mova received a refreshing identity and a clean packaging design, as it was about to be introduced to...

Cornetto rebrand to target a younger audience

Cornetto ice cream has recently rebranded to appeal to a more youthful audience aged 14-25.

Nivea shines with solar energy advertising

Nivea put out a solar energy advertising campaign in a Brazilian magazine and decked it out with solar panels and a USB charging port so that consumers could plug their phone into.

Liquid is a finalist at the Mobile/App Design Awards

Liquid's branding and design for Bunchrides, an emerging startup, is now a finalist at the Australian Mobile & App...