Subzero Icecream

Subzero Ice Cream becomes hot as hell

This legendary Welsh ice cream maker, trading as Mr Creemy since 1959, found out that the name had been taken in 2001 by another company.

Eyescream made from creative solutions

Barcelona's Eyescream and friends came up with some creative solutions to simplify the traditional Taiwanese ice cream and improve the consumer experience.
Kate Spade

A digital strategy to merge two worlds

Kate Spade Saturday recently partnered up with eBay in a digital strategy to transform retail, mixing online shopping and traditional retail.
Android Kitkat

Google and KitKat brand strategy

Google and KitKat developed the Android KitKat 4.4 brand strategy together, which included more than 50 million KitKat bars being specially branded.
Blue Goose

Blue Goose new packaging is naturally good

One great aspect of the new identity and packaging design is of course Ben Kwok's beautiful highly detailed and rendered animal illustrations.

These boots are made for walking (on water)

This packaging design creates an illusion of boots immersed in water, a clever way of showing that your feet will be protected from water and other dangers.

A rebranding process to fight the Amazonians

Bookworld, owned by Pearson Australia Group, is an online book, music, and video retailer with over half a million existing customers and a focus...

A brand strategy to Keep growing

KeepCup brand strategy is building a story about sustainability by showing its customers that preserving 50,000 trees is "a lovely thought”.

The real man's chips

McCoy's, a UK brand of crinkle cut chips, unveiled an impressive new packaging concept: opening up sideways extends the opening by 5cm.

Svedka, cheers to their new design!

Svedka's design uses minimalist aesthetics - echoing Swedish design values, while also appearing more modern and sophisticated.
Yellow Pages Video Frame

YP rebrands and is now a service brand for 'doers'

In an age when search pretty much equates to Google, YP (formerly Yellow Pages) wants to survive by expressing...
Promotional Videos

Is it veni, vidi, vici for vine videos?

Airbnb created a short promotional film but using a different medium. It was made entirely out of vine videos called Hollywood and Vines.