Branding is more than a logo

BRANDING   |   POSTED ON 02.09.2012

Branding is So Much More Than Just a Logo

When some companies approach creative studios looking for a ‘new brand’ they typically mean a new brand name, or icon, or a new look and feel for their existing name.

Lots of people think that branding begins and ends there — that once they shine up their name they can stick it below their email signature, pop it on their website, and, voila, they have a new brand. Branding is much more than a name or a logo. Brand is everything, and everything is a brand. If you see your brand from a more holistic viewpoint, the authenticity of your brand will shine through.

Branding is also the way you speak. If you build a new website and fill it with an outdated copy, you don’t have a new brand. If the copy is impenetrable to its readership — that’s your brand. If you let jargon, acronyms, and convoluted abstractions contaminate everything you say, that’s your brand. If your annual report puts people to sleep, that’s your brand.

At brand agency Liquid Creativity, we work in tandem with specialist copywriters who understand the value of creating a holistic message in line with strategic design values – to create consistency and trustworthiness. A brand to be proud of.


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