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Why Web Design is Important to your Brand?

In the age of website platforms that use themes and templates to build sites, businesses can create a web presence in an instant. Suddenly a brand has a functional website to sell and market their services without consulting branding professionals or web designers. This disruption in web design has lead some to assert that web design is dead, as businesses can now just cut out the designer in establishing a web presence.

Like with any industry undergoing digital disruption, web designers now have to promote their value to clients and explain why a website that’s tailored to you and your target audience is now more important than ever.

Web Design is Not Dead

So here are a few reasons why we think web design is not dead and is even more important in today’s ever-changing market.

1. Great website design is not just about what you see

You might have started using one of these do-it-your-self website platforms and made a website that looks very pretty and aesthetically pleasing. Your site may look good but is it functioning to meet your goals? What if it takes too long to load, or hard to navigate for your customers? What if it doesn’t work well on mobiles?

This is what a great web designer brings to your site, a critical look at how to structure your site from a customer’s perspective. There is strategy and thought that goes into ensuring that your website answers the problems your business is trying to solve for the audience and is memorable as well.

If you think your website looks beautiful but you’re not getting the enquiries you expected, you may not be effectively communicating to your audience, the site may be difficult to navigate or the imagery may not engage the user.

Great website design is not just about aesthetics, it’s about usability and engagement,  navigation and the psychology of colours and imagery.

web design is about good navigation and usability

2. A good website is secure and maintained

Security is of the utmost importance for both business owners and customers in a time where hackers and data breaches have become more regular. You don’t want to lose your site or be locked out by a hacker as customers will lose trust in your brand if you don’t keep their information secure.

Web designers and developers know how to keep your site up to date with technology and they ensure your site remains safe from vulnerabilities. They also act as your one-stop-shop for any issues or problems you might encounter.

3. Customised website design is better for your brand

When the digital marketplace is so crowded and filled with so many competitors and disruptors, your brand needs to cut through with your audience and stand out. So when companies are using the same theme or template and they all look similar, why would you follow your competitors and not create your own unique and memorable site?

Great websites built with strategy and brand design is good for business. It turns your website from a passive digital brochure that most templates are geared towards, to an active and living part of your marketing and communications strategy. When your marketing strategy and web design are working together, this allows for a stronger, more relevant website that your audience will use for sourcing information, advice or products. This in turn creates return visitors and develops deeper relationships with customers.

brand website tips branding agency melbourne

4. Think of it as an investment, not an expense

A website designed and built by experts, made specifically with your business and audience in mind, will go a long way in helping you establish and grow your brand. What most businesses starting out don’t understand is that a website is a online brochure, but if it remains static and doesn’t stay relevant, adapt or change, your audience will become disengaged with your brand. A website is actually an ongoing, living and breathing platform that needs to be active and continually communicating with your audience. People are bombarded with brands so you need to constantly remind them who you are, why you exist and how you can benefit them.

For most users, your website will be their first interaction with your business. It’s essentially the first employee they come in contact with. Would you let an employee that looked messy or didn’t have the right attitude interact with your customers? The same can be said for a website. Don’t let it become an old messy site that’s not updated with new information. Your web designer ensures your business always looks presentable and supports your customers. They can update the content and layouts based on the changing needs of your customers by regularly reviewing how they interact with the site.

Web design is alive and well

In our contemporary market where your brand needs to stand out and be memorable, a simple website built from a template is not enough to convert website visitors into loyal customers. Having an easy-to-use responsive and secure website that can be tailored to your requirements is vital. A web designer is a professional that can design from the point of view of your audience and create a site that both looks beautiful and attracts customers.

You wouldn’t just let anyone build your office or shop without them considering what you and your customers want, so why would you build a website from a generic template as the first thing your customer will see of your business? The value in a tailored, well thought-out website design is the economic return in your business. If done well, it attracts, converts and retains customers.

If your business is thinking of building a new website or want to redesign your web presence, contact us and let’s build a site that fits your brand and attracts the right audience.


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