5 Tips on Attracting New Customers to your Business

One of the myriad problems brands face in an ever-saturated market is attracting and retaining new customers. It seems that unless you’re a big multinational with endless marketing resources like Apple, Nike or Amazon, it can be difficult to grow your customer base once you’ve established your brand and web presence.

Here is Liquid’s quick guide to attracting and retaining new customers to your business.

1. Know who you are

Before you can start attracting people to your brand, you need to have a clear idea of what your brand actually offers to people and what value you add to their lives when they engage with your business.

What areas and aspects of your product or service set you apart from your competitors? What makes your brand special and why should customers come to you? Once you know your unique selling point, it’s far easier to build a customer base and keep them loyal. If you think you need help with this, we run a workshop that will help you find your brand.

2. Content is king

new audience find business brands that have high ranking websites

SEO (search engine optimisation) is today’s version of the yellow pages or classified advertising. It’s usually the first time your customers will find you so ensure that you have a high ranking website.

Whether it’s a blog post offering insights and tips your customers might find useful, an Instagram post of the latest product you’re selling or a recent case study of a happy client posted on Facebook, regularly updated content will drive more views and move your site’s rankings up on search engines.

Your content needs to cater for people at different stages of their journey from thinking about purchasing your product or service, to the customer ready to buy.

For example, Potential customers are more likely to search “home renovation tips” rather than “builder melbourne” at the start of their journey. So your website might have a blog post offering tips they should consider before renovating and if they like what they read and see on your site, they will come back and engage with your services.

3. New customers can’t find you if they can’t see you

Every successful business has a web presence and your brand needs to be seen online to attract new business. You need to have a great website that guides and answers all the questions your customers have about your business, and active social media profiles relevant to your industry. For example an accountant might not need an Instagram page, but might consider a Facebook page that is updated regularly with blogs that might be of interest to potential client.

Make sure you answer all queries that come from customers, and if there are any complaints it is vital that you solve all issues as quickly as possible.

4. Keep an eye on the response

google analytics allows view gaining losing customers

Google Analytics allow you to look at all statistical aspects of your website and you can see what pages have been viewed the most and what keywords have been gaining traction with your audience. Review your website’s analytics regularly and adapt to the trends you’re seeing.

Keep track of how your audience reacts and responds with the many different analytics tools to see what is gaining traction and what isn’t working.

So you might find that your blogs on renovating tips might have gained a lot of views for your site, you might post a second blog about the things people should beware of when renovating. You then might consider boosting your social media posts or engaging SEO services to further optimise your content and reach more and more people.

From there you can adjust your approach depending on the response, and in turn be more in touch with your customers and what they want from you.

5. Finally remember that it’s all about the customers

Businesses lose customers every year because they don’t attend to and maintain a relationship with their customer. Continually be in touch with your current customer base, they are your biggest assets and advocates to find new customers.

Place yourself in the mind of the customer in all areas in which they’ll come into contact with your business. What sorts of questions might they ask about your product and service? What problems might they come across? Have you got the right tools and resources to solve these issues? The customer’s happiness is key to finding new audiences.

This is only the beginning

Ensuring continuous growth requires an ongoing approach and targeted marketing tailored specifically for your customers with your brand’s message in mind at all times. If you want to learn more, contact us at Liquid and start maximising your brand’s reach.


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