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PACKAGING   |   POSTED ON 11.07.2014

Blue Goose new packaging is naturally good

Established in 1992 in Vancouver, Canada, Blue Goose is an organic/natural food brand, whose philosophy is if you look after your land and animals, they will look after you. Blue Goose (originally named Blue Goose Cattle Company) now produces organic and natural beef, chicken and fish for the Canadian market, so they went through a rebranding process to reflect this change both in their new packaging design and brand identity.

The new logotype is a nice stand-alone visual that works best when paired around all the pretty typographic treatments, starting with the main “Blue Goose” wordmark that has a nice bounce to it with the curved bottom right corners.

Another great aspect of the new packaging design and identity is of course Ben Kwok’s beautiful animal illustrations. Highly detailed and rendered, each image unfolds into serene scenes that represent the animal’s natural habitat, clearly establishing Blue Goose as a source of highly crafted products. Blue Goose rely almost exclusively on its packaging to sell itself, promoting its ethical treatment of animals with the slogan “Take care, eat well”.









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