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BRANDING   |   POSTED ON 03.07.2015

The Nutfusion Journey to Finding their Brand

Sometimes a journey begins in the most inconspicuous of places. About 3 years ago Liquid Creativity came across a premium food producer at a local market and while they had a fantastic product, their name (Nut Butter) was confusing and there was no real branding or marketing material to speak of, certainly not at a level that would allow them to achieve a premium price point.

After a quick discussion over the array of products at the markets, a relationship was formed and the journey began.

In order for Nutfusion to market to independent food stores, supermarkets and savvy customers, they needed a new direction and a sophisticated look. Liquid Creativity ‘crafted an elegant design, added lashings of earthy colour and exotic product names and packaging copy – then stirred. The result – a premium food brand with style, a sense of decadence and lots of shelf appeal’.

When we recently caught up with owners Kath and Wayne at yet another day at the markets they were more than happy to have a chat about how their branding journey went.

Like many small business owners, Kath and Wayne were struggling to get their heads around the direction for their branding ‘you don’t know what you want to do and what you do want to do’. But their new branding strategy provides clear direction so they know the right places to their product to be and they enjoy the freedom that the direction brings.

‘It’s been 2-3 years and we are still following the path Liquid Creativity has outlined for our brand. It’s a disciplined but simple document. It provides integrity and is the backbone of the brand.’

They often revisit the branding documentation and find it offers focus and direction.

Often such a journey isn’t easy, ‘we had some undisclosed ego going on with our products and I think you’ve got to trust in someone else who does it for a living. Trust that they know how to put it all together and that they will listen to you.’

‘Working with Liquid Creativity we were able to take the layers of ownership and preconceptions away to see that branding was a process and in our best interests to move our business forward. The team was patient and extremely humble – they weren’t a big advertising mogul railroading us’.


With the new name, tagline and branding in place, Nutfusion recently felt confident enough to enter a national food show and received great feedback and comments. ‘Previously we couldn’t enter a national food show with our product – we were just not confident enough to do it’. They also now have the confidence to approach suppliers in a way they never could before.

And the positive comments and results just keep on coming – comments are often received regarding their ‘lovely looking product’ and stockists have even agreed to stock Nutfusion without even tasting the product! The time they put into their labels shows the time they put into their products.

‘We have a great relationship with Liquid Creativity and through their branding process, we now have a wonderful brand that we’re very proud of – we’re happy we invested the time and the money. It’s paying its own way with business gaining momentum and growing. We now have the energy, enthusiasm and confidence to go for another 10 years’.

Engaging a branding specialist and beginning on your branding journey can be a leap of faith, but the brand agency Liquid Creativity team understand this and place a high importance on listening. They also spend the time on education to ensure you understand the importance of the process and you’re comfortable with every stage of the process.

Nutfusion have some new products on the horizon and we look forward to seeing them very soon to assist with integrating the new products into their brand.


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