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Brand Disruption: Don’t Get Left Behind

While once a word with negative connotations, disruption is no longer an inconvenience but a driving force. Start-ups are described as ‘disrupting the marketplace’ while online innovations are titled ‘digital disruption’. So instead of seeing disruption as a threat to your business, how can you embrace disruption to ensure your brand doesn’t get left behind?

brand disruption

What is disruption?

Disruption is not a bump in the road or a hurdle to jump. Neither is disruption a new innovation or a better way of doing things. Disruption is now a significant shake-up. It is something that revolutionises an experience; it is a chance for brands to connect with customers in a whole new way.

Consider disruption as an exciting, noteworthy and seismic shift in what your brand does and how it will change your positioning strategy and the way your consumers will perceive you.


Ready for change?

How can your brand strategy stay focused on your goals and objectives in the face of change? For so many brands, teams stay so centred on the annual objectives, almost with tunnel vision. However, by neglecting the changes that are going on in the industry, achieving your business goals could be meaning your brand is left in the dust.

That said, disruption is not just something that happens to brands. Brands do have the potential to disrupt their own industry by finding a gap in the market or an innovative approach that is not offered by their competitors. This brand positioning creates a distinct and competitive edge and ensures your business is not left behind.

How to prepare for brand disruption

1. Look for opportunities

It is essential to keep your eye on your competitors and sense what they are doing and if it is something your brand will need to adopt. Stay tuned to broader developments in your industry and beyond to see what opportunities may be available to provide your consumers with a better service.

Branding disruption opportunities

2. Stay focused

It is easy to become distracted by The Next Big Thing. However, not all of these new ideas will last. Brand disruption doesn’t mean jumping on every new idea as soon as it comes along. Brand disruption comes from staying focused but aware of what is available. Disrupters will be the ones that sniff out the success and differentiate the good from the fad.

3. ROI

Disruption is only worth it is if there is a positive return of investment. Before adopting a new trend or adding an innovation, take time to thoroughly assess how the disruption will impact your business. While some disruptions may not provide immediate profit, they can offer the long-term indirect return that makes it well worth the investment.

Brand disruption

4. Collaboration

Many of the most popular and successful disruptions come from partnerships. Look for like-minded providers who can assist you in driving disruption in the market. Try to find a collaborator or provider that shares the same culture as your brand and can work with you to make it easy to embrace change and innovation.

Remember, if you want to be a disruptor rather than being disrupted, you’ll need to act fast.


Are you feeling left behind?

If you think that your business is in danger of being disrupted, contact the brand agency Liquid Creativity team and let’s start working on your brand.


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