Renault Blog

Understanding your brand and the marketplace

Renault recently launched a new advertising campaign for the Clio that focused on the tagline ‘Renault Clio. It says you.’
Generations Blog

Branding for different Generations

Each different generation has a specific culture that goes far beyond mere demographics.

Cornetto rebrand to target a younger audience

Cornetto ice cream has recently rebranded to appeal to a more youthful audience aged 14-25.
Dove Sketches

This Dove ad is a real beauty

Dove Real Beauty Sketches was a great ad born from market research suggesting that only 4% of women described themselves as beautiful.
Ksmart Campaign

Seen that funny campaign by Kmart?

After 6 years of declining sales and more than 80 stores shutting down in 2012, Kmart (US) decided to fight back with a viral and well-played funny campaign.
Samsung video

The Smart Phone Line was a smart move

Seeing Apple fans lining up to buy a new product is business as usual and it was also the inspiration for a... Samsung marketing campaign!
Promotional Videos

Is it veni, vidi, vici for vine videos?

Airbnb created a short promotional film but using a different medium. It was made entirely out of vine videos called Hollywood and Vines.
Dumb ways to die is such a smart way to communicate

Dumb ways to die is such a smart way to communicate

Dumb Ways to Die is a public service announcement for the Metro in the form of a 3 minute catchy song and animation...
Volvo understand the way their audience think

Volvo understands the way their customers think

In recent months Volvo launched a new ad campaign in the US for the XC60. Volvo did extensive research using a different...
Art rebrand to increase product sales

Rebranding increased visitors and product sales

The Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki is the leading public gallery in Auckland with the most expansive collection...
Colgate blog

How we are now appealing to savvier audiences

Audiences are much more savvy these days and will research products thoroughly to find something that meets their needs.
Electrolux Brand Message

A brand message that could make it or break it

Electrolux, which is a Swedish white goods company, once used a catchy tagline "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux".