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Understanding your Brand and the Marketplace

Renault recently launched a new advertising campaign for the Clio that focused on the tagline ‘Renault Clio. It says you.’

You can watch the ad below.

According to Michael Cleary, partner of one of the advertising agencies that created the campaign, ‘Renault deeply understand their brand and the marketplace. There is a real clarity to their thinking. It’s genuinely exciting to be collaborating with them.’ And while this is absolutely true, this campaign offers a deeper insight into branding and how to reach and connect with your target market.

This campaign highlights the need for brands to ensure that their products and services target specific demographics. No longer will one size fit all. You need to exactly address the needs and concerns of your market. Offer a solution to their problem. Fill a gap. Make their life easier.

You can achieve this in two main ways – stay on top of who your market is and ensure your brand is current.

Stay on top of who your market is

Customer wants and needs will change – that’s a given, so you need to constantly reassess who they are, what’s important to them, where they are, what they want, and how to provide it in order to stay relevant.

Assess the specifics – the buying behaviour, the demographics, the geography, the socio-economic factors, the mediums, the psychology. Map out the behaviours and consistently re-evaluate.

Will your target audience grow older with your brand or will your survival depend on attracting new prospects? Either of these options will require you to adapt. If you require both, to maintain your current market and encourage new people to your brand remember to not take those who have been with you for a while for granted or you stand to lose them.

Ensure your brand is current

Your branding and its strategy cannot be created and left to continue on – markets are changing too rapidly these days. Set in place a procedure to review your brand offering and digital brand strategy on a regular basis to make sure that it is still on track to achieve the right results.

For example, if you’ve planned a YouTube campaign but your market is over on Instagram then your strategy needs to adapt as soon as possible, not months down the track.

And if you have more than one target market – segment

Still using Renault Australia as an example – the Clio is targeting very specifically at young, single, inner city women and it looks. But the same campaign won’t work for the Renault market that has a different demographic – a couple or a family. So if the larger car, the Captur, Renault created a campaign focused on a new segment – the city working, escape to the beach on weekends working, young couple.

If your target audiences are vastly apart from each other in terms of wants, needs, demographics then two separate brands may be required to appropriately speak to each of them. Talk to the team at Liquid Creativity to discover how to best target your audience and keep your brand current.


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