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BRANDING   |   POSTED ON 28.07.2015

Understanding the 4 Key Branding Elements

When creating your brand, rebranding or just refreshing an old one, it’s important that you understand the 4 key branding elements and how they work to support your message, your content and create maximum impact.


You should limit your colour choices to three or four, with at least one dark and one light tone to create contrast and visual appeal.

You can read more about selecting colours for your brand here


Images have the ability to communicate so much more than the written word – a picture speaks a thousand words – and is an effective way to visually represent your brand and reinforce your styling. As a bonus, images with copy space will allow your text to shine. Remember that all of the images you select should be consistent and in line with the brand’s style and tone.


Filters are a great way to ensure that the images you use have both a consistent feel and a sense of uniqueness. Again, consistency is the key to creating a cohesive and recognisable brand style.


Fonts will add another dimension to your text and the words you choose to use in the representation of your brand and your messages. We recommend selecting two or three different fonts in order to create a striking impact and a sense of contrast.

As you combine these four key branding elements in a consistent manner you will begin to build your style, tone, recognition and reputation. You will have a guide of how to project your brand and communications as well as elements that work together, not against each other. The right elements will create cohesion, balance and impact without clashing, clutter or trying to out-compete each other.

If you need assistance in determining how to get all these key branding elements to work together to create impact for your brand contact your local branding agency Liquid Creativity today.




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