UX stats to be considered

UX Stats to be Considered

If you’re still not sold on the idea that UX (user experience) is important to your business perhaps the following UX stats will help you to gain some clarity.

Infinite scrolling can decrease your bounce rate

In fact, Time.com saw their bounce rate drop by 15% after they engaged a continuous scroll.
What to consider: Adopt scrolling and limit the amount of ‘clicks’ required on your website and landing pages.

Listen to your audience

ESPN.com saw revenue climb by 35% when they adopted customer suggestions into their home page redesign.
What to consider: Make collecting customer feedback part of your organisation’s processes and act on the feedback given.

For each dollar spend on email marketing the average returns are $44.25

What to consider: Start an email list, build an email list and ensure that email marketing is part of your marketing strategy.

Choose your colours wisely and in line with the preferences of your target audience

By selecting a particular shade of blue, Bing saw an additional $80 million in annual revenue.
What to consider: Different colours work for different audiences and demographics, seek professional advice on the best colours to help achieve your business goals.

Fast loading web pages equals better UX

Slow loading website cost retailers an average of $2.6 billion in lost sales every year.
What to consider: Work with your web developer, particularly if your business is online sales to ensure that your site loads quickly, especially on mobile devices.

90% of people use multiple screens or devices sequentially

What to consider: Ensure that your email campaigns, your landing pages and your website are easily viewed and used on multiple devices and various screen sizes.

85% of people believe that an organisation’s mobile website should be just as good, if not better than the desktop version

What to consider: Work with your designer to ensure that either your website displays well on both a desktop and a mobile device, or create two separate versions of your website so everyone is happy, regardless of the device they use to connect with your business.

A person is 64 times more likely to climb Mt. Everest than to click on a banner advertisement

What to consider: Give up on the banner advertising and consider a better use of your marketing spend.

94% of all first impressions are design related

What to consider: When people landing on your website you have mere seconds in which to engage with them so your website design must be attractive, appropriate and easy to understand.

75% of judgments of a website’s credibility are based on the overall aesthetics

What to consider: Work with a professional designer to ensure that your website aesthetics are ticking all the boxes for your target audience.

70% of small business websites don’t display clear calls-to-action for anything on their home pages

What to consider: Use your home page real estate to your advantage and provide clear calls-to-action for things such as specials, email newsletters sign ups, how-to guides, demos, downloads and interactive tools.

88% of online customers are less likely to revisit a website after a bad experience

What to consider: You get only one first chance to wow your website visitors. Ensure that their first visit won’t be their last. Talk to an expert website designer to get it right.

If you need assistance in taking your UX to the next level, contact the brand agency Liquid Creativity, your local branding specialist.


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