8 Tips for Design in Business

Building a business is hard work and while you may provide the best product or service in your industry, unless you have branding and design that is recognisable and appropriately represents your organisation then you will be left behind in today’s competitive market. Implementing design into your business is more than just a logo, letterhead and business cards – it can provide added value to all aspects of your business – your work environment, your products, your packaging, your uniforms. Design in business is all about standing out from the crowd and speaking to your market in a whole new way.

Speedo, a top manufacturer, distributor and Aussie icon is a great example of how your company can ensure that design creates the desired impact:

The importance of design for Speedo

1. Open up the context in which design can operate

Speedo – Being committed to innovation and using state-of-the-art technology, Speedo has incorporated design into all aspects of their organisation from branding and advertising to product development and work environments.

2. Differentiate and make your business stand out

Speedo – ‘Design is everything… without it we have no business. In all of our brands and all of our categories there is intense competition and anybody can design a decent product. They can’t all design outstanding products. So, design is the differentiator’. – Chairman, Pentland Brands (Speedo)

3. Combine design and branding

Speedo – While most people in Australia would recognise the Speedo logo it’s the approach to branding throughout all their advertising, communications and products that has delivered real impact.

4. Begin a design process

Speedo – Since its creation, design has been integral to the Speedo process.

5. Support and trust your designers – internal and agency talent

6. Integrate design in your company culture

Speedo – With strong support from the entire organisation, including senior management, Speedo embraces the design process from the Chairman and Global Marketing Manager to the product development team.

7. Design your environment

Speedo – For Speedo team members, ‘it was important to see design being utilised not only in Speedo’s products, but also in office spaces’ – Leading Business by Design Report.

8. Don’t let the designer role stifle

Speedo – Design can add value to all organisations from professional services and retail to manufacturing and mining – micro, small, medium or large – local to multinational. ‘People working here have quite a lot of passion for swimming and also they do have a passion in the sport category.’ – Senior Designer, Speedo.

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