8 tips for Design in Business

Implementing design into your business is more than just a logo, letterhead and business cards – it can provide added value to all aspects of your business.

A digital strategy to merge two worlds

Kate Spade Saturday recently partnered up with eBay in a digital strategy to transform retail, mixing online shopping and traditional retail.

Google and KitKat brand strategy

Google and KitKat developed the Android KitKat 4.4 brand strategy together, which included more than 50 million KitKat bars being specially branded.

The Smart Phone Line was a smart move

Seeing Apple fans lining up to buy a new product is business as usual and it was also the inspiration for a... Samsung marketing campaign!

A rebrand to open up Opera Australia

Opera Australia is Australia's primary opera company and one of the world's busiest opera companies. Last year, when they launched their 2014 season...

The tiger changed its stripes and now wants to fly high

Tiger Airways, a low-cost airline has recently undergone a new change. Now known as Tigerair, they have rebranded while...
Virgin Australia's brand takes their brand up

Virgin Australia’s unified brand takes them high up

With 91 aircraft in it’s fleet in early 2010, Virgin Blue’s market shares were suffering and it’s future unsustainable.
Brand message

A brand message that could make it or break it

Electrolux, which is a Swedish white goods company, once used a catchy tagline "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux".
Cinderella rebrand

A Cinderella rebrand that fits perfectly on the customer

At Liquid we love a good Cinderella branding story. It's hard to believe a serious company like the Biotech Institute would...
Interactive posters

Interactive posters that you look, listen and want to keep

Posters are normally one dimentional but this poster series takes graphic design to another level.
Creative city

Seattle Named The Most Creative City Of 2009

Seattle is an attractive city for creative individuals and companies that want to be around like minded people and leave traditional values behind.
Alessi design

Alessi: Domestic products are worthy of good design

Alessi is a great example of how a company has built their business around the importance of design.