Branding for Start-ups

Storytelling for start-ups

Just like the blurb of a book the communications from a start-up need to draw people in from the very beginning – hook them, if you like. It can be a daunting process when you’re just starting out but it’s so important. Liquid Creativity offer their top tips on how to write your brand story, your voice and communicate your message.

Be honest and authentic

The number one advice to novelists and writers of all kinds is to write about what you know and the same can be said for writing your brand story – be honest and authentic – allow your target market to discover the real you. And this is also true when mistakes are made. We‘re only human so it’s going to happen at some point but it’s how your brand handles it that will make all the difference. Turn mistakes into a learning experience – show how struggles and errors have served to enhance your business.

Be different

With so many books being released every single day how does one become a best seller? By being unique, different and standing out from all the rest. Determine what makes your brand different from all the others and communicate that point of difference, that unique selling point to the market.

Be straightforward

So writing your brand story isn’t like writing poetry – open to interpretation, symbolism and the like. Don’t confuse, don’t make people think too hard to figure out what you are trying to communicate. Determine the style, tone and words that appeal to your audience and stick with that. Keep it simple.

Be believable

People can be a cynical bunch so if your brand story is too far-fetched or unbelievable you will lose them. Include proof in your story – images, videos – media to back up your story and make them believe.

Be humourous

Feel free to laugh at yourself or a situation – never at someone else – it will serve to make your business and your brand more memorable and relatable. Steer clear of using any humour that can be misconstrued – it’s guaranteed to backfire. Know you audience and the types of humour that appeal to them.

Be the solution

Like any good book, a great brand story doesn’t spruik its features but rather its benefits. It will look at the problems people face and offer solutions on how to fix them. Same for brands – be the solution, sell the benefits, become the authority, build the relationship.

Be coy

Now this might seem to be in direct contrast to being honest and authentic and straightforward but holding a little something back can work in your favour. It’s not exactly playing hard to get, more like creating some intrigue and providing a reason for your market to continue to follow your story. Think of it like a suspense novel or a thriller – there’s no motivation to people to continue to read on and turn the pages if you’ve given away the plot in the first few chapters.

The team at Liquid Creativity can take your start-up and create a brand story that works – contact us to find out more.

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