Subzero Icecream

REBRAND   |   POSTED ON 31.07.2014

Subzero Ice Cream Becomes Hot As Hell

This legendary Welsh ice cream maker, trading as Mr Creemy since 1959, found out that the name had been taken in 2001 by another company. Instead of entering a dispute in court, they decided to rebrand. They came up with a different design style and packaging that appeals to a younger market and more affluent consumers. The new design will certainly stand out in the shelf amongst its competitors and assert itself as a major contender in the local ice cream aisle.

Subzero Ice Cream, an ultra cool contemporary ice cream brand for the 21st century, replaced the old Mr Creemy and was brought to life with sleek black packaging, simple typography and bright vibrant colours that communicate the flavours. All together, it turned out to be an award winning rebrand.

The new brand was accepted into the major supermarkets in Wales and partner Kevin Jenkins is delighted with the brand’s new “vibrant and imaginative” personality.







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