PACKAGING   |   POSTED ON 17.06.2014

The Real Man’s Chips

McCoy’s, a UK brand of crinkle cut chips, unveiled an impressive new packaging concept. While typical chip packs are longer in height with narrower openings, McCoy’s packages open up sideways extending the opening by 5cm. The wider opening makes it the ‘ideal pack for big-handed men’. But there’s more! The shinny packaging was replaced with matt foiled kraft paper and the logo was simplified to be reproduced with a simple black ink print. The extravagant flavours like ‘Flame Grilled Steak’ and ‘Thai Sweet Chicken’ have also been simplified to ‘Beef’ and ‘Thai’. To reflect the ridge cut chips inside, the top and bottom of the packaging is cut in ridged lines. McCoy’s is now officially the manliest potato chips new brand.







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