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Simplicity in Design: Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

The art of successful design can be likened to that of a good film editor; it is what is ‘left out’ that creates an emotionally authentic experience for the user.

It seems the less ‘designed’ something appears, the more honest it is likely to communicate. Indeed, it takes a very skilled designer to decide which elements to include – and a refined sensibility to the visual palette to know which elements to take away.

You may not be aware of the designer’s tireless pursuit for the perfect hierarchy of content – for the coherence of information found in colour, shape and legibility, yet these simple cues are what triggers customers emotions, memories and associations.

The pursuit of this authenticity and simplicity are at the essence of any good designers goal. After all, for the consumer of a piece of design, the honesty of communication is at the heart of matters.


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