REBRAND   |   POSTED ON 28.08.2014

A Rebranding Process to Move Beyond the Send

YouSendIt is a cloud storage service established back in 2004 with 43 million registered users. After being renamed as Hightail they went through a rebranding process. YouSendIt found that it’s name constrained them from moving into other directions in the future and sought out another name. They moved from the typical descriptive names like boxes, clouds, syncs and shares, coming up with Hightail, a name associated with speed and agility.

Trashing the blue and green paper plane for an orange slab, the new logotype, though minimal, appears more sophisticated in its handsomely bold Hoefler&Co’s Tungsten. They also created a mark, known as Hightop, a monogram framed in a heptagon to represent how they want users to feel when they’re using Hightail, like they’re a part of a team.





If you are unsure about rebranding and your options, talk to your local brand agency Liquid Creativity.


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