Home Sleep

The rebrand has more than doubled Home Sleep’s business over the last six months.


Home Sleep Studies Australia had built a growing business in the diagnostic market but was finding its in-house marketing was hindering their growth prospects.

They needed a streamlined approach to their branded communications to take their business to the next level and attract more practitioners to their service.


Home Sleep came to Liquid with lots of ideas and a requirement for customer-friendly communications and a stronger brand positioning.

Liquid started by refining their name to the more memorable ‘Home Sleep’ and positioning the new brand on Home Sleep’s scientific approach and friendly, competent manner.

Drawing on these new brand values, Liquid created a new sales brochure, patient booklets and website with messaging which communicated complex information in a clear, straightforward and comforting way.


Thank you very much for helping us more than double our business over the last six months. Much of that increase is directly due the work you have done to fix up and promote the business.

For example, the new website, brochures and training manuals strongly reflect what we do and communicates that better with our customers and business partners. You have consistently under-promised and over-delivered on every project.

Chris Bunney

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