Designer barcodes – an extension of your brand

The Japanese definately put an importance on design. Not only do they carefully consider their packaging but they are also using barcodes as a design feature. They are used on most products for sale, so why shouldn’t they look good and be memorable?

A japanese company called Design Barcode, have innovated the way barcodes can be seen, while still keeping to the Barcode standards. The designs often have a quirky twist relating to the brand. They create interest rather than being a functional and unwanted addition to a package design.

How clever is Design Barcode, creating a niche in the design market. They have also trademarked their idea. Best of all, they have created through the use of design, another point of difference for brands.


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  1. Simon Rowell
    Simon Rowell says:

    I am not sure if this is their plan, but if you were to use these barcodes to tell brand stories (through imagery), you could develop brand loyalty without having to alter the packaging artwork significantly. The barcodes could change every few months to tell the next part of the story visually, and engage people to stay on the brand journey.


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