Repositioning an established digital systems company to launch with a new name, brand, website and marketing strategy.


Logicly, formerly Strategic Data, felt their name and brand didn’t accurately reflect the breadth of work they were now offering to clients. They were looking to attract a more diverse range of clients and develop a website that communicated their unique services, skills and approach in an authentic way.


They wanted to move away from being a data company, so we developed the new branding and communication around their core message as a digital solution provider for complex information challenges. We showcased their work for large government organisations, corporates, research institutions and non-profits to highlight their range of expertise.

We created a warm and dynamic brand identity, website and marketing strategy to communicate their services in a simple and clear way without diluting the complex and important work they do.


Sue has done an excellent job of understanding our business and how we want to present ourselves to our market, and has designed a new brand that captures that perfectly. Her insights and advice have also helped shape our broader marketing strategy.

Sue’s come to feel like one of the team – she’s guided us through the experience expertly but with a genuine personal touch. Thank you Sue, it has been an absolute delight to work with you!

Michelle Nicholson

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