BRANDING   |   POSTED ON 04.07.2014

A Rebranding Process To Fight The Amazonians

Bookworld, owned by Pearson Australia Group, is an online book, music, and video retailer with over half a million existing customers and a focus on Australian authors and artists.

Bookworld’s brand mark features a bold letter “B” that resembles a book and the tale of the bookmark is a subtle and clever “W”. The mark is also designed to be seen in animations that reveal the quirky magical worlds within. The brand identity uses colourful yet minimalistic illustrations for the themes of their books. From Sherlock Holmes to Frankenstein, from Crime City to Horror-Ville, Bookworld becomes a magical place where every book comes from.

By offering lower prices and free delivery, Bookworld also has a very clear (and fun) target: beating the Amazonian kingdom…








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