Careers Collectiv

Creating a name, brand identity and marketing strategy to launch a new online education provider.


Careers Collectiv is a new online education provider with a wide range of courses catering to students looking to start or transition into a new fulfilling career in an industry they’re passionate about. They required a name, brand identity, website as well as social media and marketing strategy to successfully launch their new brand and attract the right audience.


The brand we created for Careers Collectiv uses bright colours and simple shapes to create a simple and friendly identity. This straight-forward and approachable style then informed the look and functionality of the brochures and website we produced so that the brand is approachable and inviting to a broad audience at different stages in their career.

Through our market research into the online education sector, we noticed a gap in the market for people looking to change careers and students looking for meaningful careers in areas they are passionate about. With this brand positioning, we generated the name Careers Collectiv as well as a marketing and social media strategy that targeted catered to this audience.


Brand template
Brand strategy
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Marketing strategy
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