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REBRAND   |   POSTED ON 24.03.2015

The Table is Just the Start for this Rebrand

After 17 years in business and 10 years with the same branding, Open Table was in drastic need of a rebrand – while their offering had stayed current and in line with their customers’ needs, the logo, the website, the brand itself had not. The website was boring, the logo out of date – neither of which best represented the business or their customers.

The new tagline

‘The table is just the start’ – along with a new website and logo, Open Table devised a new tagline more in line with their ultimate goal for their brand – building a community – connecting the experience of sharing a meal, connecting diners and restaurants and providing a digital wallet to ease payments.

The new logo

A new logo aims to convey the same philosophy and sense of community. According to Open Table, ‘With just a few shapes, our new logo says a lot. It symbolizes the connection we forge between restaurants and diners, the way we help diners find the perfect fit, and the fact that our customers are always our focus.’ Simple and easy to understand, the new logo is modern and shows how Open Table envisages their offering fitting the needs of their audience.


Old website

As you can see from the image above, the old Open Table website was outdated, clunky and difficult for all parties to utilise. The colour scheme was uninspiring and not being very mobile responsive caused issues for all involved.

New website

The new website, in contrast, is visually stimulating, engaging and easy to use regardless of device. Fully functional for both diners and the restaurants that participate, this new site ticks all the boxes.


The new brand

The new branding is best summarised but Open Table themselves, ‘It’s the start of a new idea, renewed friendship, healthy debate, a cuisine first tasted, a great night out or the year ahead. There are so many universal, shared experiences that we create, capture and celebrate. And they all begin around the restaurant table.’ Fulfilling the ‘experience’ desired by diners, the new Open Table brand is exactly in line with the expectations of their target audience. The new brand is sure to be a hit and is flexible enough to now grow with the business.

If it’s been a while since your brand was revisited, contact the team at Liquid Creativity to gain some advice on whether or not your current branding still fits with your target market.


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