Cinderella rebrand BTI logo

REBRAND   |   POSTED ON 27.03.2012

A Cinderella Rebrand that Fits Perfectly on the Customer

At Liquid we love a good Cinderella branding story. It’s hard to believe a serious company like the Biotech Institute would ever use such a logo. The brand established in the 80’s is an overt example of how badly some logos can date. Clearly, it had to go.

The new logo is infinitely better and adequate for a technology company. The brand is represented by a three-dimensional picture of a hummingbird, origami-textured, intelligent, scientific, modular and scalable. A symbol that depicts the work of nature but also of engineering. As a final touch, the unusual color range stands out for this sector: mauve, purple and pink colors transition from the warmth of the magenta and blue technology. The typography is fine, nothing too absurdly techie but nothing too simple either. The rest of the identity is exactly what you might expect: plenty of white, clinical space with dashes of the fractal texture. Overall, a major and much needed positive transformation.





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