Cafe brand to feature in design books

BRANDING   |   POSTED ON 03.11.2010

A Memorable Cafe Brand to Feature in Design Books

With new cafes always opening up, how does one cafe stand out from another? How can you make it memorable? Well, this Manhattan cafe chose a library feel… but with a difference. The rows of books are flipped on their side to create an impact when you enter or just pass by.

The book images are printed on tiles that cover the floor, walls and ceiling, while floor boards are featured on the walls. This has been a great business strategy, creating a memorable brand through clever use of design. The whole upside-down feeling of the cafe creates interest and a visual experience that invites the customer to explore, adding another dimension to the cafe experience. It is a brand story that customers can pass on to people. By investing in clever design, this cafe has developed a digital marketing strategy to grow their business through word of mouth.


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