CREATIVITY   |   POSTED ON 28.07.2014

Eyescream’s Made From Creative Solutions

Barcelona’s Eyescream and friends came up with some creative solutions to simplify the traditional Taiwanese ice cream. Owners Joad López and Federico Mendoza found the crazy amount of toppings just excessive and the ice cream itself not very attractive. In fact, it was so ugly that they decided to make a virtue of it by developing a creative strategy around it.

Working together with m Barcelona, Joad and Federico deconstructed the ice cream from the toppings to appeal to the European market.  The ice cream comes in a bowl of it’s own, with two googly eyes on top that instantly create a character-monster ice cream full of life and personality. The two toppings are also in containers, all set in a very sophisticated, simple and economical tray.

Due to space limitation, Joad and Federico realised that the self serve formula would best fit Eyescream. For that reason, they built wooden low cost boxes and concentrated on the consumer experience. Even the door was thought to have a double function, a signage when closed and a menu when opened.

Finally, cute characters were developed to represent each of the ice cream flavours. These characters appeared on business cards and on the signage, each showing their own personality and tag line. No doubt these creative solutions go really well together, creating an appealing and fresh ice cream brand!







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