Bunchrides Awards Shorlist

PROMOTION   |   POSTED ON 04.08.2014

Liquid’s Branding & Design Shortlisted for Awards

Liquid’s branding and design for Bunchrides, an emerging startup, has been shortlisted for the Bike Design Awards 2014 and the Australian Mobile & App Design Awards 2014.

Bunchrides is a social media platform built for people who are interested in a “bunch ride” where a group of cyclists ride together on a common route. This new app for cyclists, makes it easy to hook up with people online and go for a ride together. The Bunchrides concept combines a website and Smartphone App into a highly interactive social media. Bunchrides makes it easy for cyclists to search for rides or set up their own and invite friends without the hassle of following up by phone or email.

Liquid has been working with Bunchrides since day 1, developing the branding and design of the website and mobile app, the promotional video, business cards and cycling kit.


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