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The Camp Gyno is a Video Hit!

Gone are the days where girls are joyously prancing around in tight white pants. HelloFlo, an American tampon subscription service, has recently released a new promotional video on their website and YouTube aimed at pre-teen girls.

‘The Camp Gyno’ doesn’t tip toe around the fact that periods can be painful and acknowledges that it’s not the most wonderful time of the month for us females. This amusing two minute ad, is filled with hilarious lines and comic visuals as it tells the story of a pre-teen girl embracing the arrival of her ‘red badge of courage’ – the first to get her period at summer camp. It’s all pretty blunt from then on, with the girl using words and phrases like ‘Period’, ‘Gyno’, ‘It’s like I’m Joan, and their vadge is the arc’, ‘Suck it up and deal with it!’, ‘This is your life now’ and ‘Like Santa for your vagina!’

The video flooded the web and reached over 3 million views in just 3 days. HelloFlo tells a quirky, straight shooting story that capture feelings and emotions that are sometimes hard to talk about. The direct and open approach to story telling, their unique business model and tag line are perfect ways to make light of a difficult time for girls. Also a very clever way to get girls to pass on the brand message… Tampons, pads, and candy delivered right to your door. Simplified, Period.


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