Dumb ways to die is such a smart way to communicate

SOCIAL MEDIA   |   POSTED ON 25.07.2013

Dumb Ways to Die is a Smart Way to Communicate

Dumb Ways to Die is a public service announcement for the Metro in the form of a 3 minute catchy song and animation to tell a strong message. The brief for the video was to promote safety on the Metro.

Through social media, the animated video with adorable characters making stupid decisions who end in serious mishap and even death went viral. It passed 50 million views on YouTube and over 3 million shares on Facebook.

Great outcomes: According to Metro Trains, the advertising campaign has contributed reducing train accidents and deaths by 21%. The campaign which also includes an iPhone/iPad game and a gif-heavy tumblr, has won 7 Webby Awards in 2013 and set a record with 5 awards at Grand Prix (Cannes).

Through the use of cute pastel coloured characters, a silly, happy, yet catchy melody and lyrics with morbidly funny animation, it has triggered a positive emotional response that is memorable, quirky and funny enough to pass on to friends. The marketing campaign is reinforced with posters around the Metro.



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