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NEW MEDIA   |   POSTED ON 12.11.2009

Using New Media to Target Customers on the Planet

Lonely Planet has really made use of new media to grow their brand and stay connected with their customers.

Their website attracts an amazing 5 million-plus unique hits a month and more than 24,000 followers on Twitter. They have also created 400,000 travel-related iphone applications and 600 travel guides as e-readers. Lonely Planet is savvy about connecting with groups, initiating conversations and working with third-party bloggers. Their brand is all about generating ideas both internally and externally, adapting to the market and delivering a constant stream of new products across all platforms.

There is a perception in the market place that Lonely Planet is for the very adventurous traveller. To change this perception, they have added lots of tips on their website, as well as family outings and non-adventurous activities to appeal to the holiday traveller rather than the rugged backpacker.

Lonely Planet has developed a strong brand over the past 36 years and built trust and lasting relationships with their customers. They know their potential consumers and how to communicate with them. These people are not categorized by age or type but rather by their open, curious mind and sense of engagement in the world.

Lonely Planet are quickly adapting to new media and continuing to build their brand strategy through different mediums.

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